Wednesday 28 December 2011

The Van of shite

I needed to move some stuff around so a van was needed and a friend at work was having trouble selling his Scrote so a silly offer later I had a van with 12mnth MOT :)
Today I got round to laying some stickers on it :)
Need to get the phone numbers and web addy on and all will be good :)

Also fitted new doors to the workshop today, picture fail :(, and a bit more on the Datsfun again a picture fail :(

Tomorrow I will do better :)


  1. Memorable name (LOL)...where are you going to stick the mobile number? Somewhere prominent..

    And time to recharge batteries on the camera, strangely I look forward to the horrors of the dusty datsun !

  2. Got a chunk of inner sill in today then ran out of gas :/
    Got some at home so another bash tomorrow :)