Thursday 19 April 2012

When others fail...

I have been doing some work on a Nissan Pulsar, a rather special one :)

I have sorted the quick shift gear linkage as the kit supplied didn't fit, the center ball pivot was too large so I made a left and right lathe tool and shrunk it down to fit, the pivot was also wrong and they suppled a bolt that was too long and would catch on the casing. I used some plastic bar and made a new pivot using the original bolt.

Same car also gave problems with the front wishbones. The plan is to fit Poly bushes to tighten things up in the handling department.
My customer had taken the new wishbones to a couple of other engineering companies and they had failed to remove the original metalastic bushes, ruining one of them in the process :/
So after a little thought I started on the lathe...
I found a suitable lump of steel in the shape of an old cam belt sprocket so set about turning it down..

and the inside

A plug was also made from another piece of steel and when the whole lot was put together in the press it looked something like this

and it all resulted in this

Just going to add some decent tack welds along the edge to stiffen the wishbone and then the polys can be fitted.


update :)

yes I know I am a slacker :)
We actually made it in time for Beach Party 6, all up and running, looking as tidy as we can be at the moment and even managed an MOT by using the chassis number :)

We have had some conversation with 2 good guys ar Bristol DLO but unfortunately even they were unable to get DVLA swansea to sort a registration out for us so the beach party was done via trailer :/

Certanly didn't stop us celebrating with some Champers :)

We drove it around a bit and found it suffers from fuel vapourisation, going to make a plastic insulator and a heat shield in the near future :)

Makes a good camera car :)

One man who was particularly happy was Mr Damaged, his father used to run the MK3s when Bri was a nipper and he never got to drive one, until now :)

When we have a reg number he will get a proper go :).

Still no reg so she is still tucked up in the shed, in the way :/

Monday 19 March 2012

nearly there

Things have been progressing pretty quick here.
Front brakes all rebuilt and re fitted

As are the rears

Fuel tank welded, painted and refitted

Floor finished

front and rear screens fitted

Handbrake cable had to be un seized

Thursday 8 March 2012

busy busy

Drivers side floor now done, just awaiting the blasted cross member to come back:)

the handbrake cable on passenger side was seized so it was removed, twisted, pulled and pushed then dosed with GT85 Thatfreed it so it is now hanging in the vice with oil seeping through it :)

New copper brake pipes made and a new end on the exhaust mounting :)

Front caliper soaked in oxalic acid for a bit, brought them up lovely :)

and painted :)

the main man being busy ;P

the crew on tea break :)

Saturday 3 March 2012

then came the weekend

Attacked the floor with a grinder and drill..

Made up a panel that fitted the gap..

And glued it in :)

Made a little doohicky which enabled me to connect my hydraulic press ram to the seized front claipers of my Zodiac, not seized anymore :)

Found 1 of the two manifolds so had a pattern to copy so I could make the second one. Now all fitted and we have now got it running.

All be it using a temp fuel tank as the original was found to have a hole in it after it was grit blasted.
Found some rust under the floor pan crossmember :(

Need to get this bit grit blasted

Sunday 26 February 2012

Zody in the shed :)

The120 was finished today so is off for MOT :)

Into the shed comes the Zodiac :)
Had the cabin floor cleaned by Petey then given a coat of red oxide. A couple of small patches need sorting but on the whole it is a damn good floor :)

Stripped the brake master cylinder down and managed to unseize it, honed the bore and now awaiting new seals. Front calipers currently seized and showing no signs of life :(
Clutch cylinders are free.
Wiper problem sorted but washer pump appears dead so an electric one will be used for now.
still no lights but shouldn't be hard to sort.
Found a key that fits the ignition.

Saturday 25 February 2012

moooore tin

Finsished the passenger side of the 120 today

Looks really nice now :)

Made a start on the drivers side :/
Not so nice ..

Thursday 23 February 2012

Mooore Datsun.......

Today another Datsun turned up showing signs of tin weevil :/

Passenger side first..
out with the power tools :)

clean steel :)

Pretty lights :)

New steel..

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Off my ramp and on someone elses :)

But the other person was the MOT tester :)
What did he say...
Well after things like cool, wow, nice and oi you lot come and see this.....

He said pass :)

So a couple of last piccies before I park it up ready for collection :)