Sunday, 26 February 2012

Zody in the shed :)

The120 was finished today so is off for MOT :)

Into the shed comes the Zodiac :)
Had the cabin floor cleaned by Petey then given a coat of red oxide. A couple of small patches need sorting but on the whole it is a damn good floor :)

Stripped the brake master cylinder down and managed to unseize it, honed the bore and now awaiting new seals. Front calipers currently seized and showing no signs of life :(
Clutch cylinders are free.
Wiper problem sorted but washer pump appears dead so an electric one will be used for now.
still no lights but shouldn't be hard to sort.
Found a key that fits the ignition.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

moooore tin

Finsished the passenger side of the 120 today

Looks really nice now :)

Made a start on the drivers side :/
Not so nice ..

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mooore Datsun.......

Today another Datsun turned up showing signs of tin weevil :/

Passenger side first..
out with the power tools :)

clean steel :)

Pretty lights :)

New steel..

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Off my ramp and on someone elses :)

But the other person was the MOT tester :)
What did he say...
Well after things like cool, wow, nice and oi you lot come and see this.....

He said pass :)

So a couple of last piccies before I park it up ready for collection :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

It goes :)

Tonight the ramp was lowered and the Datsfun was ejected :)

With the fuel leaks fixed I could drive it out under its own power :)

Still had one last job to sort, the brace was resting on the engine when fitted so I cut and rewelded the bracket and it now has just enough clearance :)

I drove it home tonight, just to make sure it was running ok, honest ;P
Made me smile :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Arse end done :)

Rear valence sorted today :)

A quick grizzle to tidy

and a coat ofzinc and sealer :)

Bolt it back up tomorrow and book the MOT :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Datsun spares heading off

The yellow datsun we broke has yeilded many spares and a load were collected today.

The little pick up is a Hyundai Pony and is fitted with a datsun motor which today proved somewhat troublesome :(
Eventual call to the AA got it fixed with a new condenser :)

Zodiac stopping power

Brake pedal on the Zody is seized solid so a m/c rebuild or replace is on the cards but while we had the wheels off for the diff replacement Inoticed the wheel cylinders were seized too so we removed the cylinders off the other Zephyr and soaked them is diesel for a day and managed to strip them down. A good clean and a quick spray ..

Seal kits ordered along with a hone kit to clean the bores.
Thought you may like to see the diff we removed from the Zody :(

The Zody needs an exhaust manifold so as this zephyr one is broke and also spare I am going to use it as a base for making the Zody one. It will need blanking off at the ends and cutting in half :)

Sorting the arse end :)

After repairing the fuel tank and refitting we chucked some fuel in and fired her up :)
Then started to strip the rear valence off and noticed a fuel smell, I thought some had been spilled but unfortunately it turned out to be a porus fuel line :/ Off to the shop and some new fuel hose is neatly fitted ..

So back on with rear valence removal.

Drilled spotwelds at both ends..

Then disc cut along just below the lip so i could get better access to drill the spots along the join.

Chopped into the boot to remove some rust holes above the valence and a little into the rear 1/4

And cleaned it all up

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


On another note :)
The 2 zephyrs I recently bought have now been joined by a Zodiac after a phonecall from a freind saying this car is going over the bridge now!! buy it I said so he did :)
With help from a freind we went and collected it last weekend and have since had a little poke about to see what we had.

turns out to be a very solid car :)

Some surface rust from being stood for a few years in a barn

biggest immediate problem was the seized rear axle :(
Turns out the PO had repainted the axle off the car but never refilled the oil in the diff, after being stood for so long it rusted up and the nose bearing disintergrated. So out with the old diff and in with one from the other cars so we could get the old girl off the trailer :)
At least this old girl comes with a sound system :)
Got her running for a few second by filling the float bowl with juice, will need some attention to the fuel pump :)

The original battery wasn't holding much charge though :/

front done

Bit forgetful on the camera front and when I do remember it the batteries die :/
but not everytime :)
Got the spanners out and replaced the steering idler bushes :)

All welds now painted and sealed ready for second coat

In replacing the front crossmember I lost the rad mount that was there as i couldn't get my drill in with the engine in situ :/
I decided it was easier to fab another bracket, a couple of pieces of the sills came in very handy :)
Front end reassembled now, fuel tank repaired and refitted so next attack plan is the rear valence and MOT :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

currently nearly naked :)

Had to undo a few bolts to sort the front crossmember :/

Found this in the inner wing under the battery tray :(