Friday 30 December 2011

Suspension strengthening :)

Hours spent on the Datsfun today.
The rear floor was looking a bit tired so I knew underneath the layers would be worse, I was right.
Chopped out the floor layer and the front of the rear seat area to get to the reinforcing panel.
That was then removed to get to the rear chassis leg end. After I cleaned it up I had to replace the end of it.

The reinforcing plate was put back and the front of the rear seat area followed.

Then the floor was laid, the corner of this area was guess work as there is nothing original to work on :/.
I can now replace the last piece of inner sill and rebuild the front of the inner arch ready for the outer sill.

From underneath shows the plug weld penetration.


  1. Crickey that looks well bad ! The rear floor section around the base of the rear seat is a weak point on this model. On competition cars, I understand that they were seam welded and braced to avoid them parting ! Thus far you have been on the passenger side, is the drivers side equally as bad ! Hope not

  2. Haven't got there yet but I wouldn't be surprised.
    Do you want me to run a seam round it while it is clean?

  3. might not be such a bad idea to seam it, given they are a weak spot ( in competition use)

    have you seen this?

    lots of pics of the shell........