Saturday 24 December 2011


My name is Grunty and I am addicted to rusty things :)
I learnt to weld many years ago when my boss said " there's a rusty Transit in the yard and there's the welder" Oh I said and set to it, always up for a challenge :)
Very quickly I started on other peoples cars so bought my own welder and haven't looked back.
That was the start of a hobby that has allowed me to repair some lovely old cars and keep many out of the scrappy.

This is just a record from now as I want to build a portfolio of my work.

I am not a rivet counter and am not put off by a car that has been welded as long as it was done properly. There are welders that will weld a car and you won't know they have been there but unfortunately I don't have the patience for that. My welding is done to a high standard and I do not hide it unless it is exterior body work.

I also do fabrication of other stuff as well, tractor linkages, gates, security doors and even wooden structures too.

If you have a car that needs love you know where to come.

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