Sunday 22 January 2012

strippers ahoy :)

We spent some time on the yellow Datsun today and got it ready for the yard :)

Plasma cutter was invaluable..

Chopped out several useful panels as well as the mechanicals..

does my bum look big.. oh wait :/
Both inner wing tops were in fair condition so we kept them..

The roof was also wanted so off it came, we managed to keep the glass intact which surprised us. We chopped the B and C pillars and cut as far as we could through the A's then lifted the back of the roof to break the bonded seal at the base of the screen, when it was part way off we could get a knife in and finish it off then lift the roof clear :)

Now ready to go to the fraggers in the morning :/ might be enough to cover the diesel :)

1 comment:

  1. Now that is proper recyling ...only no usable stuff has been passed on to the crusher and hopefully good homes found for other items to keep other violets on our roads.