Sunday 1 January 2012

quiet day

Today was a quiet day but I did make a profile pattern to take to my steel supplier on tuesday to get the sills folded:)

I also fitted 2 strengthening ribs in the sills to hold up the step until the outer sill is fitted.

Pete came round and was trying to steal the wheels for his Scooby while I was drilling holes in his wings for some mirrors :)

I got Sams manifold into the press and straightened it up, near as I can tell it now has only about 1/2 mil twist which should be taken up in flex when bolted up. The pic just about shows the amount of bend I had to put in to get it to stay straight :/

I was also pleased to get my Triumph wings delivered by Mark, bought these off ebay a while back and the RR pony express has come good :)

1 comment:

  1. Happy new year to you Al, I see that you were busy in the new year too (LOL). Is that "ScoobyPete" by any chance? I have marked his card so if the wheels on the datsun go AWOL,I know where to go..hehe

    Its slowly coming together...well at least on one side. Keep up the superb work