Saturday 7 January 2012

sills :) big post :)

Got the sills this morning :)

Bit better than the originals :)

Bitmore expensive than I hoped but less than the pattern alternatives we found and to be honest probably a better quality, zintec 1.2 mm :)

Not quite right on the closing panel so a quick modification needed..

Now sits nice all the way along..

Best get on with it then :)

Looks good..

I had to replace a small piece of door step, I left it till the sill was welded in place to keep the strength, finished pic above, this is how I did it :)

Managed to cut the drivers sill off, filler and rags :/

Got the interior sealed ready for passenger side refit tomorrow

Also dropped the fuel tank to find the leak, turns out it was some rather tired chemical metal

Which was covering some less than perfect welding

1 comment:

  1. Wow, i always knew drivers side rear sill return /door area was rusty ever since I bought the car many moons ago but little did I expect that it was hiding some exotics like paper and filler?

    The drivers side inners look bad too, hopefully not as bad as those on the passenger side.

    And finished passenger side looks superb new metal has replaced what was once very crusty sills and floor plan.

    Top work fella, I knew I had made the right decision bringing the datsun to you; hopefully it will leave the A>R>S>E premises with a new lease of life