Saturday 26 September 2009

The Secret Garden

I was asked to make a stage set for a theater company in Cirencester for their production of The Secret garden. I had to build a platform that stood approx 6 feet high on which several people could dance and would be accessed by a flight of steps at each end.
I used 40mm box and 19mm ply and this is what I came up with..

The stage at the theater was built on a slope towards the front which meant I had to install some adjustable feet for the whole assembly.

For transport and storage the assembly was built in sections, 4 step flights, 2 square frames and the main frame flat packed.

When on stage we installed uprights on the steps and intermediate frames and this allowed us to fit a rope banister going up the steps and meeting the top rail both back and front.

This picture shows it on stage ready for action. I have to admit I was quite nervous as the top was filled with dancing actors and acrtresses :)

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