Wednesday 26 October 2011

warming up..

As my shed is getting cold I thought a source of warmth was in order.
I visited a local scrap yard and found an old gas bottle that he was stuck with so only to happy to lose :)

After carefully removing the valve and filling with water for a week I set about modifying it.

First job was cut a hole in the top to fit a flue stub, I fitted the stub with a flue damper so the chimock could be shut off.

I cut the bottom ring off the bottle and cut in into 4 sections, 2 large and 2 small. The large pieces were to make a stand, or legs, for the burner so I could stand it on any surface without worry. The base of a wood burner does not get too hot as the wood burns on a bed of ash which keeps the base insulated.
I then cut a hole in what was the base to make a door and the 2 small pieces of the base ring were then used as the hinge along with some m10 nuts and an m10 bolt.

This is where it is as of today.

Next time i need to fit a door catch and some method of sealing it. Also an air control so along with the chimney damper I can control the heat output.

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